W.W. Durant Cruise & Dine


The best way to enjoy beautiful Raquette Lake is from the deck of the W.W. Durant. Cool breezes. Breathtaking scenery. Fascinating history. Scrumptious food.

The W.W. Durant cruises daily end of June through Labor Day. There are 16 cruises per week in July and August through Labor Day. We have something for just about everyone: Monday and Friday nights is the certified Angus buffet dinner cruise, the four course plated traditional dinner cruise is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The intimate dining dinner cruise is Sunday and Wednesday nights. In July and August through Labor Day weekend the buffet luncheon cruise is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Pizza cruise on Fridays. We have excursions (no meal) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  From Labor Day through Columbus Day we have a full schedule on weekends:  Saturday lunch, excursion and dinner and Sunday Champagne Brunch.  We cruise during the week in the fall with preformed groups.   Individuals are welcome to piggy-back, depending on availability. All credit cards accepted. Centrally located — 25 miles from Old Forge, Long Lake, or Indian Lake, 75 miles from Lake George and Lake Placid! Call 315-354-5532 or email donna@raquettelakenavigation.com. Your hosts since 1991 are the Pohl family. Nurture the mind, body, and soul with a cruise and dine, or just enjoy a cruise experience aboard the W.W. Durant.


A visit to Raquette Lake is like a step back in time, and it's not such a giant step at that. From the 1870s through the mid-1930s, steamboating and railroading were a way of life to this community and indeed to the whole area. The Raquette Lake Navigation Co. , with the custom built vessel the W.W. Durant, continues this exciting tradition.

The W.W. Durant captures the ambience of an opulent by-gone era, surrounding one with wainscoting, stained and etched glass, gleaming brass, rich carpeting, and polished oak while at the same time offering the convenience and comfort of modern amenities.

Donna Pohl, husband Captain Dean, their two children, and their staff welcome you aboard their family-owned and operated vessel. Built by Captain Pohl over the course of two winters, the Durant weighs 57 tons, measures 24-by-60 feet, and is licensed to carry 100 passengers. Raquette Lake Navigation Co. offers daily cruises from end of June through Labor Day with a modified schedule in June, September, and October. Reservations required for meal cruises.

People like cruises. People like history. People like beautiful scenery. People like to be taken care of. The Pohls and their staff excel in providing what people like. We're sure you'll enjoy a cruise aboard the W.W. Durant. To reserve call Raquette Lake Navigation Co. at 315-354-5532 or reserve on line. at www.raquettelakenavigation.com.

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