Experience Winter in Indian Lake

Imagine pristine white scenery and snow flying through the air. Winter is considered one of the most beautiful seasons in Indian Lake. Taking a drive will give you some breathtaking views. But you can go even deeper into the woods on a snowmobile, cross country skis or snowshoes!


Winter has arrived and whether you are seeking a short weekend getaway or a longer snowmobile adventure in the heart of the Adirondacks, Indian Lake provides an excellent destination for a perfect snowmobile vacation.

Our central location makes Indian Lake the hub of Adirondack snowmobiling. Snowfall that averages well over 100 inches per winter and higher elevation gives us a snowmobiling season that lasts from December through much of March. 

If variety interests you, then Indian Lake won't let you down. The variety of terrain throughout the area offers a great ride for all types of riders. Here's where the adventure begins. You'll find it in the frosted vistas, the bluest of skies, trails that cut through dark forests, sunlight sparkling on deep snow and beaver ponds. Feel the