Adirondack Boreal Birding Festival

Adirondack Birding Festival

The Adirondack Boreal Birding Festival looks forward to welcoming you in 2022! Dates to be announced soon!

Join us to observe the boreal birds of the Adirondacks in 2022.

The three-day Adirondack Birding Festival features birding hikes, walks, safaris, outings, and seminars throughout Hamilton County. All field trips are free and registration is required for each outdoor event. 

The festival reaches into the vast Adirondack wilds of Hamilton County and includes the surrounding forests of our hamlets: Long Lake, Indian Lake, Speculator, Racquette, Blue Mountain Lake, Piseco, Morehouse, Lake Pleasant, and Inlet. Affordable lodging is available, so you and your birding partners can enjoy a comfortable evening retreat to refuel and refresh as the festivities advance.

Hamilton County contains more than one million acres of the Adirondacks. With more than 60 percent of those acres classified as either wilderness or wild forest, it is one of the best locations to watch boreal birds. Starting in 2005, the Hamilton County Birding Festival brings together bird watchers from all over the United States to explore and discover the amazing birds of the Adirondacks.

Remember, this is the Adirondacks, so you should be prepared for all types of weather including heat, humidity, rain, cold, and even snow. June is typically filled with warm days and cool evenings, but you can never be sure about the weather you will find.

What to bring

For each trip be sure to bring the following:

  • sunscreen
  • bug repellent (netting or a bug shirt is recommended)
  • water
  • snacks and/or lunch
  • binoculars
  • bird books
  • comfortable waterproof footwear
  • For canoeing trips, you also need to bring a canoe/kayak, paddles, and a PFD (as required by law)


For a glimpse at what you might expect, please check out a previous schedule:


Check out lodging packages for the upcoming spring and early summer seasons.

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