Got Cabin Fever?

Beat Your Cabin Fever At The Adirondack Museum

Spring fever... cabin fever... Call it what you will — I'm feeling it!

We've had a fantastic winter season, but lately we've had a lot of warm temperatures and rain, usually followed by plummeting temperatures and snow. It's making me stir crazy! 

I'm ready for flip flops and tank tops, hikes and beach days. But in the mean time, I'll make the best of what I have.

Cabin Fever Adirondack Museum Cabin Fever

That's exactly what the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake is doing in their off-season. They have been hosting the Cabin Fever Sundays Winter Lecture Series in their auditorium on Sundays at 1:30 pm. While some of the sessions have already passed, coming up are a few great lectures. They're an awesome reason to head to the heart of the Adirondacks!

Balancing the Scales: Women in Adirondack History Cabin Fever Women Adirondack History

Peggy Lynn, a singer, songwriter, and educator, will be at the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake on March 19 to discuss Women in Adirondack History. With a B.S. in Women's Studies and a Masters degree in American and Women's history, Peggy Lynn will bring insight to women's roles in the history of the Adirondacks through storytelling and song. She will talk about women such as Mary Brown, Lydia Smith, and Martha Reben.

Artifactually Speaking: Collecting in the 21st Century Adirondack Museum

Laura Rice has been the Chief Curator at the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake since 2003. She has helped to oversee the museum and bring in new discoveries to display. On March 26, Laura will be lecturing on "Collecting in the 21st Century." She will also talk through some of the new acquisitions that will be incorporated into some of the 2017 temporary exhibits. 

Waters of the Adirondacks

 Adirondacks Canoe

On April 9, Lorraine Duval will be presenting 'Water of the Adirondacks." She will be talking about her Adirondack journey through our lakes, ponds, and rivers for over 25 years. Her historical narrative will cover how the waters of the Adirondacks have been protected from pollution and possible flooding. She will also be touching on a current, highly debated topic: the Boreas Ponds Tract of Land which was recently purchased by the State of New York.

Resort Hotels of the Adirondacks: The Architecture of Tourism and Related History, 1850-1950 Great Camp Sagamore

"The Resort Hotels of the Adirondacks" lecture will be led by Bryant Tolles on April 23. He will cover one of the most fundamental industries here in the Adirondacks — Tourism! He will focus on the architectural development of Adirondack retreats from 1850-1950, and the change of attitude in America towards nature, landscape, culture, and transportation.

The Adirondack Museum

 Adirondack Museum Winter

While the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lakeis currently in their quiet season, they are slated to reopen on May 26 for their 60th anniversary. You can stop by and check out the incredible displays of Adirondack history. There will also be a brand new exhibit opening this year, titled The Adirondack Experience, which will be a 19,000-square-foot interactive exhibit exploring the history of the Adirondacks and the people who helped shape it. Make sure you check it out! 

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