Fire Tower Hikes

Fire Tower Hikes

Have a destination as part of your hike

Discover Historic Fire Towers

Historic fire tower hikes are a great way to go hiking in the Adirondacks while also exploring the history of our region and still having a set destination end point in mind. Fire tower hikes are especially fun for families and children adding an element of discovery to your day hiking. Get creative and have fun while outdoors by challenging yourself to visit all of the fire towers in the Adirondacks during your vacation.

If you are searching for summit hikes or paths to lakes and ponds we have plenty of those too!

Take the Fire Tower Challenge

There are 5 Hamilton County fire towers: Blue Mountain, Owls Head, Pillsbury Mountain, Snowy Mountain, & Wakely Mountain Fire Towers. All are open to the public.

To complete the challenge and receive the full color patch, you must climb these 4 mountains, document the date and fill out a comment for each summit reached. Climbing each tower is not required, nor recommended, in order to receive your patch.

Download the Fire Tower Challenge Guide and Instructions.

Winter Overview: The last portion of Cedar River Road is not open in the winter. With the road closed it adds many miles of road...
Cedar River Road
Trail Description and Winter Conditions Goodnow is a very prominent peak when seen from Route 28N heading toward Newcomb. This...
Rt. 28N
Pillsbury Mountain is one of those peaks that is in the middle of nowhere, at least so it seems when you are driving there. A maze...
Lake Pleasant
Snowy is one of the more demanding hikes in Hamilton County and is also one of the 100 highest highest peaks in the Adirondacks....
Indian Lake
This rather prominent peak in the Long Lake area is made up of four separate summits, two of which are referred to as the horns....
Long Lake
Blue Mountain is one of the taller mountains in the Adirondack Park and one of the most popular in the Hamilton County Region....
Blue Mountain Lake
Hiking From Inlet, travel south on Route 28 for 6.2 miles, then turn right onto Rondaxe Road. Travel just over 0.1 mile to the...
Rondaxe Road

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