Run the ADKs

Whether you are a serious athlete who competes in marathons, or if you love to just take a casual jog now and then, the Adirondacks are the perfect beautiful setting to do your biking, running, and swimming! Here are a few of the races you can find here.

The Black Fly Challenge

 Black Fly Challenge

The Black Fly Challenge, also known as the Adirondack Gravel Grinder, is a bike race and is in its 24th year here. This year's event will take place on June 8 and will run from Indian Lake to Inlet. Every year they switch the direction of the race to keep it interesting: Indian Lake to Inlet on odd years and Inlet to Indian Lake on even years.

This 40 mile course takes you over dirt roads, gravel, sand, and through elevation changes. It is not a race for the faint of heart, but those who have competed used mountain bikes, tandem bikes, and even unicycles! There are $14,000 in prizes for the different categories of competitors. And, if biking isn't your thing, spectators are welcomed and encouraged to come on out and root on the riders. This year's race will conclude with a party for participants and spectators alike at Fern Park in Inlet!

Piseco Lake Triathlon

The Piseco Lake Triathlon is a tradition that has been taking place here for 34 years! This race is considered a sprint triathlon and is great for those training for larger races, as well as those just looking to have some fun. You can compete in teams as well, with different individuals competing in the swim, run, and bike. This year the race will take place on July 20 and will kick off at the Irondequoit Inn following registration at the Piseco Airport. It begins with a half mile swim across Piseco Lake, followed by an 11.5-mile bike ride around the back side of Piseco Lake to Piseco School, and finished with a 3-mile run back to the Piseco Airport. While the terrain can be quite challenging, the views along the course are like no other!

Lane 10K/1 Mile Fun Run
Lane 10K

The Lane 10K race is in its 41st year, but the 1 Mile Fun Run is an event that was just added last year! This is the toughest 10k in the Adirondacks, taking you on a run around scenic Lake Pleasant. The 10K starts at the Lake Pleasant Firehall, but registration begins a the Speculator Pavilion. Transportation will then be provided to the starting point and the race will begin. The 1 Mile Fun Run happens right from the Speculator Pavilion. This race is a little easier and is great for young kids and adults alike. All proceeds from these races are donated to the Alzheimer's Association in memory of Dean Lane.

Do the Q! Indian Lake Quadrathlon
Indian Lake Quadrathlon

The quadrathlon is a popular event in Europe, but had not yet been done in the United States. The inaugural Indian Lake Quadrathlon took place last year in 2018, but unfortunately we won't see this race return until 2020. Starting at Byron Park on Abanakee Lake, the race kicks off with a half mile swim followed by 4 miles of kayaking. After exiting the water, a 30K bike ride if then followed by a 5K run. This is an event that we really hope to see pick up some momentum in the years to come!

Pick your race today and start planning your trip to the heart of the Adirondacks. Once the race is over, kick back and celebrate with the perfect meal



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Run the ADKs

Whether you are a serious athlete who competes in marathons, or if you love to just take a casual jog now and then, the Adirondacks are the perfect beautiful setting to do your...

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