3 Fishing Holes in Indian Lake

With not one but three lakes in the area, Indian Lake is a fishermen's paradise. Lake Abanakee, Adirondack Lake, and Indian Lake are all close to the community of Indian Lake, making this the perfect fishing trip destination. Each lake offers a different experience, from boat fishing to shore fishing, and even great spots to practice your fly fishing skills! Check out what makes each fishing hole special.

A man holds a bass on a boat.

Lake Abanakee 

Located just east of the hamlet of Indian Lake, Lake Abanakee is a smaller lake that has a nice variety of fish in it. Fishermen have luck with large and small mouth bass, northern pike, and occasionally a rare muskie or walleye. This is a popular lake to practice fly fishing. There is a soft launch for small boats on Chain Lakes Road, near the town beach.

The early bird gets the worm on Lake Abanakee. The lake has an average depth of 12 feet, and the depth mixed with really clear water, means low light is crucial to bringing fish into the boat. I would recommend fishing early in the morning or later in the evening to have success on Abanakee.

Adirondack Lake 

This lake is located on Route 28 and Byron Park is located right on the shore. There is a hand launch at Byron Park, but fishing from shore is also an option. Bass, northern pike, bullhead, and grass carp populate Adirondack Lake. There have been some instances of very lake northern pike being pulled out of this lake. Try your hand to break the record! Grass carp cannot be kept; if caught, they must be returned to the water.

A child holds up his catch of a fish.

Adirondack Lake is a great spot to bring the kids fishing with the option of parking at Byron Park. There are plenty of option to fish from shore, and it is a great location to bring a picnic and enjoy the day. Each year, there is a kid’s fishing derby sponsored by the local fish and game club. Check out our events calendar for a date!

Close up of a fisherman holding his catch.

Indian Lake 

If your target fish are different species of trout, this is the lake for you. Lake trout, brown trout, and brook trout are plentiful here. Other species of fish caught here include smallmouth bass, whitefish, and northern pike. There are a couple of boat launches to get your fishing boat on the water, one being at the Indian Lake Marina, and the other being at the Indian Lake Campsite.

Insider tip: If you are looking to target smallmouth bass, the fishing is great around the island campsites. Indian Lake is large, being about 14 miles long, so the fishing can be more challenging than other lakes in the area.

Three lakes in the close vicinity of Indian Lake call for a three day fishing trip with friends! Round out your trip with a hike, or a visit to one of our famous attractions! With great lodging and dining options, grab your friends and make your next fishing getaway Indian Lake.

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3 Fishing Holes in Indian Lake

With not one but three lakes in the area, Indian Lake is a fishermen's paradise. Lake Abanakee, Adirondack Lake, and Indian Lake are all close to the community of Indian Lake,...

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